Rexi & Lisa

Hello, I'm Rexi, the little T. rex! I am full of the joy of discovery and curiosity. Sometimes I'm a bit clumsy, especially when I'm dancing, which is my big hobby.

But that doesn't stop me from going on a journey of discovery and experiencing new adventures. Although I can't speak, I express myself through all kinds of sounds and share my emotions and thoughts with others.

Despite my little stumbles, I'm ready to explore the world and have fun!

Hi, I'm Lisa, the young hobby researcher. My curiosity and determination blossom within me as I embark on exciting adventures with my best friend Rexi in the vastness of Jurassic and even cities like Vienna.

Our connection is deep and intimate; I can understand Rexi's thoughts and feelings effortlessly, which makes us an unbeatable team.

My big dream is to become a researcher and unravel the mysteries of the universe. This fascination for the world around me makes me the next great explorer.