Hey teachers!
Would you like to give your pupils or kindergarten group a unique experience?

Explore the IMMERSIUM:WIEN with your school class or kindergarten group and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dinosaurs!

Our interactive dinosaur exhibition offers you and your pupils a unique opportunity to extend traditional lessons and create numerous points of reference for a wide range of subjects. The "Jurassic" exhibition takes school classes and kindergarten groups into a prehistoric world where you can experience the giants of prehistoric times "as close as never before" with the help of the latest digital technologies.

Interactive experiences are waiting to be discovered by you. From the digital excavation of fossils to feeding raptors, there are numerous stations that invite visitors to touch and discover. These hands-on experiences encourage pupils' interest and understanding of the history of the earth and the evolution of dinosaurs. Children will be inspired by the opportunities for active participation and gain valuable knowledge at the same time.

Diverse dinosaur species offer an exciting spectrum of prehistoric creatures. Dinosaur fans will be able to see a large selection of dinosaur species here: From the imposing Brachiosaurus to the mighty Mosasaurus and the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex, all known and lesser-known carnivores and herbivores are represented in the immersive show. This diversity enables pupils to learn about the differences and similarities between the various dinosaur species and to develop a deeper understanding of the prehistoric world.

The big highlight is the 15-minute immersive show "Jurassic - The Gathering", which shows dinosaurs in their natural environment in a visually stunning projection. This impressive visual display brings the prehistoric world to life and offers an unforgettable experience for all visitors. Visit the IMMERSIUM:WIEN with your school class or kindergarten group and introduce the children to the fascinating world of dinosaurs. This interactive and educational experience will enrich your lessons and provide unforgettable moments.

Prices for educational institutions:

Admission to the exhibition: EUR 10.0
per child
Optional virtual reality flight EUR 4,00
per child

Accompanying persons receive free admission to our exhibition.