JURASSIC - The Immersive Experience™

Recommended from the age of 4

The JURASSIC - The Immersive Experience™ exhibition takes you and your whole family on an unforgettable expedition to the dinosaurs.We bring fossils to life and show Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex in their natural environment. Encounter gigantic herbivores and predators, observe them, interact with them and learn interesting facts on your adventurous journey.

Let our breathtaking creatures amaze you!

Adventure backpack already packed?

Join us on a virtual exploration tour, find out what awaits you at IMMERSIUM:WIEN and plan your next trip with us!

Google Reviews

  • Peter Haberleitner
    Really great! Thanks to the fixed admission times, every child really gets to try everything. The grown-ups also had a lot of fun.
    Peter Haberleitner
  • Florian Hable
    It is a very nice exhibition. After a short wait, you enter the first room, go from one room to the next and can experience virtual dinosaurs, among other things. My favorite part was standing in a room as a group and experiencing a virtual video - like a 3D cinema, only standing up. Towards the end, you could also experience a (5D?) movie theater with glasses for an extra charge. In my opinion, the target audience tends to be children, but it can be fun and entertaining for people of all ages. It's worth experiencing once :-)  
    Florian Hable
  • Karin Krammer
    We were there as a family with two small children at 4:20 pm. It was the perfect time! No waiting time and we could all stay anywhere long enough. We had fun. It could be tight at the weekend as some courses and games are smaller in terms of space. It was a fun afternoon!  
    Karin Krammer
  • Julia Oswald
    We visited the exhibition together with friends and were absolutely thrilled. The children were blown away by the many great impressions and had an insane amount of fun! We will definitely be back!  
    Julia Oswald
  • Christoph Schober
    We had a lot of fun and there were exciting and funny puzzles in the very first room. Together with the interactive games, the VR glasses and the jeep ride, it was a successful excursion and we will definitely be back 👍
    Christoph Schober
  • Michael Koppensteiner
    A great experience! We liked it very much! For children and adults!  
    Michael Koppensteiner

Disclaimer: Please note that not all elements of the exhibition are presented in English